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Sneak peak of some of my designs for tomorrow’s Black Sunday walk in festivities. Thomas, Stephanie and myself will be tattooing walk ins all day from 11-8. You can choose from a variety of one shot black and grey tattoos we all designed. First come-first served. See you all tomorrow!! @saved_tattoo @thomashoopertattooing @stephanietamez

This sunday March 24th Thomas, Stephanie and Myself will be doing walk-ins all day from 11- close. We will be working from a sketch book of designs we have created for one shot tattoos. Black and grey only. I will post some preview pics soon @stephanietamez @johnsultana @thomashoopertattooing #firstcomefirstserved #dontsleep #gettingpeoplein #letshavesomefun #blackandgrey #sundayfunday

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